Anatomy in Motion is a movement oriented education system. it is based on what the body does and when it does it.
In AiM we use the flow motion model (FMM) to help assess the body and understand how it is moving. The FMM is based on the walking cycle. It allows us to understand how all the joints in the body interact with each other, in each phase of the walking cycles and in all three dimensions. All joints have a relationship with each other. When this relationship is impacted by trauma or injury it can cause parts of the system to work differently. Sometimes this new way of working can lead to a body that functions below it's potential.  
With AiM we can show the body what movements it is missing and encourage the joints to relate to each other more effectively. When we add missing movement back to the body it can have a dramatic effect locally aswell as in other parts of the kinetic chain. This allows the whole system to function better, thereby improving pain and performance.
AiM was created by Gary Ward. Author of the book 'What the Foot?', he is a speaker and educator on human movement and anatomy.   
We combine AiM with our other treatment techniques which naturally creates an interwoven holistic approach to treating the body. 
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