Regular care, attention, preservation and investment. These four words describe how you maintain the things you want to last and cherish. Most of you do this with your houses, cars, clothes, education and finances. What about your body? The body is an amazing thing. It is constantly adapting and changing to the internal and external environments and most of the work is out of your conscious control. Consider making more of a conscious effort to take care of yourself. Could you make an amazing change for the better? Your habits and lifestyle choices have a huge impact on your ability to keep well and to recover from illness or injury.

The foundations of a healthy lifestyle are based on two principles:

                    HEALTHY THOUGHTS      +     HEALTHY HABITS

Adopting these two principles in your daily life will act as powerful tools in creating and maintaining wellbeing. Ask yourself these two simple questions.

How many positive thoughts have I had today?

How many things have I done today that have been good for my health?

Your answers to these questions may give you some insight into how you're doing.  As you get older it can be a big challenge to recover from illness and injury but these principles can be applied by anyone.

At Wellbeing Physiotherapy + Rehabilitation we ensure that we take the whole picture into consideration to allow you make a even better recovery. Get in contact with us to see how we can help you to help yourself!

Be Well!